For the polymer additves field, Rich Yu Chemical Co., Ltd has the future goal to become the largest worldwide phosphite antioxidant maker. Beside this series of phospite antioxidants we also produce the full range of polymer additives such as light stabilizers, UV absorbers, PP clarifier and metal deactivators. Within shortly, Rich Yu will start manufacturing phosphite type flame retardants suchs as RDP, etc.

For convenience of customer's usage and environmental protection Rich Yu Chemical provides most polymer additives based on both powder and granule presentation. The free metal content is also an advantage and key issue for Rich Yu products for REACH preparation.

For environmental issues, Rich Yu has already acquired ISO 9001 and ISO 14001. Rich Yu will continue to pursue ISO 18000. Therefore, the pursue of green chemistry is endless and so the goal of Rich Yu is to help the world become better and customers feel happier by using Rich Yu products.

Meanwhile Rich Yu has already started to involve into the pre-blending field. For this Rich Yu can produce pre-blending products based on customer's formulation.

In addition, Rich Yu is also willing to sign NDA (non disclosure agreements) with customers.

Moreover, Rich Yu can provide flexible packaging according to customer's requirements, such as: jumbo bags, PE bags, paper bags, carton, alumina bag, fiber drums, etc. Therefore, customers can feel comfortable and convenient using of Rich Yu products.

product tendency

product tendency