Antioxidants interrupt the degradation processes in polyolefins polymerization and compounding. They are also suitable, as well, for many other polymers like styrenics, PVC, SBC, etc.

Primary antioxidants: Hindred phenol type:

Radical scavengers

Richnox 1010                         Richnox 1098

Richnox 1076                         Richnox 1425

Richnox 3114                         Richnox 1035

Richnox 1135                         Richnox 880

Richnox 245                           Richnox 1330

Richnox 1790                         Richnox 2246

Richnox BBM-S                      Richnox 1425WL


Secondary antioxidants: phosphite:

Hydroperoxide decomposers

Richfos 168                           Richfos TNPP

Richfos 626                           Richfos TPP

Richfos PEP-8                       Richfos DPDP

Richfos PEP-36                     Richfos THOP

Richfos TDP                          Richfos EHDPP                       

Richfos DHOP                       Richfos DPP

Richfos 1260                         Richfos 613

Richfos TNPP_HP                 Richfos TNPP_EL

Richfos 627/627G


Antioxidants: Thioether type:

Richnox DSTDP                        Richnox DLTDP

Richnox DMTDP                        Richnox DTTDP

Richnox 412S                            Richnox 565

Richnox 1520                            Richnox 1726


Antioxidant blending type: mix of primary AO (hindred phenol type AO) with secondary AO (phosphite type AO):

Richfos 168 blending with primary AO (hindred phenol AO)

Richnox B215/B215G                 Richnox B225/B225G

Richnox B220/B220G                 Richnox B561/561G

Richnox B125                             Richnox B900/B900G

Richnox B931                             Richnox B921/B921G

Richnox B911G                          Richnox B1411

Richnox B14121/B1412G           Richnox B1171

Richnox B2777                           Richnox B2888


Richfos 626 blending with primary AO (hindred phenol AO)

Richnox B813                     Richnox B815

Richnox B817                     Richnox B834

Richnox B835                     Richnox B837

Richnox B873                     Richnox B875

Richnox B877                     Richnox B2714


Other special blending additive

Richnox HP2215                 Richnox HP2225

Richnox B311                     Richnox B313

Richnox B678                     Richnox B1189

Richnox B501W